Volunteer Coordinator

Hello all! My name is Alexandra Berthiaume, and I'm a fourth year, majoring in Public Policy. I'm originally from the Washington, DC area and am loving my time here in Chicago. This year, I will be a Volunteer Coordinator for the PMSA, along with Gautami. Over the past few years, I've gotten really interested in health policy, especially as it pertains to the socioeconomic determinants of health. As volunteer coordinator, I hope that the events that Gautami and I put together this year will not only serve the community but also allow fellow pre-meds the chance to learn more about the social side of medicine. I'm involved with several other groups on campus, most notably UAID, a student group which serves public health needs in the Woodlawn neighborhood. I also volunteer in the Medical Center's ER and at the YWCA through their Techgyrls program, which is a STEM enrichment program for middle-school age girls. In the past, I've interned at the Center for Global Health, done clinical and basic science research with the Emergency Medicine department in the hospital, worked as a field coordinator for the MAPSCorps asset-mapping program, and completed a Human Rights Internship at a health clinic. During the school year, I'm a Resident Assistant for College Housing in the wonderful and a-may-zing May House. In my spare time, I love to knit, bake, dance, and read. If you have any questions about being a pre-med, getting involved on campus, volunteering with the PMSA, or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact me!