Clinical Excellence Initiative Coordinator

Hi! My name is Aliya Moreira, and I am a third year at the college. I am Pakistani-Portuguese and from Boston, Massachusetts. I am a Biology and Psychology double major, and I am hoping to go to medical school for psychiatry. I am the Clinical Excellence Initiative Co-Chair this year along with Preethi, and really excited to help find cool new clinical opportunities for the PMSA as well as to create opportunities for PMSAers to get closer to each other as a community. I am also very open to suggestions, so if you have any creative ideas for clinical opportunities definitely come let me know! Besides PMSA, I am also part of The Triple Helix Science Journal, UChicago's GlobeMed chapter, and involved with the Center for Global Health, so feel free to come to me if youre interested in any of those activities. If you have any questions about anything pre-med related or otherwise, please feel free to contact me or come find me at any PMSA meeting!