Vice President

Hello! I'm Isabella and I currently serve as the Vice President of PMSA. I'm a third year in the College, majoring in the Biological Sciences and/or Comparative Human Development. Outside of school, I am very involved with PMSA, and served as the Fundraising Chair for the board in the past year. Something that I've learned through being a pre-med here is that the University really does have a ton of resources for students interested in exploring science and healthcare. In my time here, I have found opportunities to participate in basic science and clinical research, opportunities to pursue healthcare-related internships here and abroad, and engaging, supportive student organizations full of passionate individuals sharing similar interests. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about being pre-med at UChicago, or if you have any suggestions on how PMSA can serve as a better resource for you and other students interested in science and healthcare.